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Access Denied in BC3

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  • Access Denied in BC3

    BC2 was working perfectly.

    I have searched the forum here but to no avail.

    I am having instant trouble with BC3 giving me Access denied messages.

    I can not directly click on these folders either. It also tells me Access Denied.

    I can access the folder within windows itself and BC3 is being run as admin.

    All the folders look like they have short cut arrows on them when viewed within BC3.

    The best way to see this is to view the screen shot.

    PS. It has just taken me 10 minutes to compress to my screen shot multiple times so as to be small enough to be allowed as an attachment. Your file size limit for JPG files is a little OTT tbh.

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    The problem is that they are neither folders or shortcuts. They are junction points that Vista creates for compatibility with older applications. You may notice that BC2 does not handle them either, but shows them as empty folders. At least BC3 indicates that it can't open them.

    You can use folder filters to exclude them. It's on our wishlist to filter them out automatically.
    Tim T Scooter Software


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      Roger that Tim, makes perfect sense.

      I think I may have figured that out if I hadn't been rushing due to excitement of getting the new version.

      Thanks for posting back, hopefully this post may answer the question for anyone else who was as impatient as me.