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MRU listing gets cut off by the right stroll bar

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  • MRU listing gets cut off by the right stroll bar

    In the MRU lists for "Copy to Folder" and "Move to Folder", the last couple of rightmost characters of my longest pathname (about 125 characters total length in this case) get cut off. It looks like they are disappearing under the right side scroll bar of the MRU. Maybe you need to pad with a few blanks or otherwise add some display width to account for the scroll bar.

    BTW, how do you remove entries from the MRU list? It would be nice if simply hitting delete when an entry is highlighted would remove it from the list.

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    Hi Mark,

    You're probably just hitting the maximum width of the MRU. I discussed it with Craig, and he said it will probably expand up to twice the width of the dialog and then stop growing.

    There isn't a way to edit MRU lists in BC. The only way to edit them would be to edit BC's settings XML files.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Actually it's twice the width of the combobox, not the dialog, but yeah, what Chris said.
      Zoë P Scooter Software


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        Well, there is at least one work around, sort of:

        If you select the long path, then hover over it with the mouse in the selection box, the tool tip comes up showing the full path.

        Maybe for long paths you could bring up the tool tip immediately in the MRU list. I realize this is a relatively minor issue, but it can get annoying when you have lots of long paths.

        Re deleting items from the MRU: I have seen at least one app which has the delete behavior I described above and it is very convenient. I can't quite recall which app it was. Granted, most do not allow editing, but this is BC. How about a shortcut to clear the whole list, or maybe a clear button in the Session Settings?



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          Originally posted by markf_2748 View Post
          How about a shortcut to clear the whole list, or maybe a clear button in the Session Settings?

          Well, this was proposed already in this thread:

          If there is another vote for this, maybe the priority of this request rises ...



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            Christoph - thanks for the above link to prior discussion started one year ago. I now see that the file BCState.xml tracks several categories of MRU lists with no association to sessions.

            My ideal wish list would include:

            (1) Provide separate MRU lists for each session and category, with each editable (preferably on the fly) on a per session basis.
            (2) Seperately clear each category of MRU list across all sessions.
            (3) Global "clear all' empties all categories across all sessions.

            For me, it is mostly a matter of clean up, as my lists grow and I would like to selectively trim them to retain only the most useful paths. The relevance of any path is strongly session dependent, and some paths become invalid over time. The most useful paths can occur anywhere in the list and are not necessarily the most recently added. As is, some lists eventually become too cumbersome and lose their value.
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              Hi mark,

              Have you thought about making Sessions for each of these folder compares, storing them in folders (where previously you would have had a Session storing MRU lists), and then using the Session menu dropdown to pick them?
              How would that work for your workflow?
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                Thanks for the feedback - your suggestion does make sense and I will keep it in mind. My initial reaction is that it might proliferate too many lightly-used Sessions. Also, it requires changing Session every time I want to copy or move; most often I want to do a quick operation while remaining in the same session. So yes, these issues are really work flow dependent.

                I typically work with about a dozen different sessions, many of which are unrelated to each other (the related ones are grouped into Workspaces). Each session has anywhere from 2 to 15 folders, some of which have subfolders.

                Say I want to do a RMB "Copy to Folder" of some selection in Session 1. I look at the MRU list, and over time, it gets populated with paths that are totally unrelated to any destination I might normally consider for a selection in Session 1. So the list turns into clutter as far as Session 1 is concerned, and similarly for any other Session.

                My request would be to have the MRU list for Session 1 be populated based only on the history of what I have done from Session 1, i.e. a "local" MRU rather than a "global" MRU. The MRU for each session would be more like a session property than a global property. One implementation might include: the MRU list available on a tab in the Home window, as in Specs, Comparison, Handling, ..., MRU, ... where it could be edited per session. Edit would enable deleting items, and moving them up and down in the list, thereby turning a "most recently used" list into an ordered "most useful" list. Well, this does sound more and more like the Sessions tree, doesn't it, but it would be one more level of segregation and it would get populated automatically from usage.

                At least give us a quick delete from the MRU
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