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    Any chance of getting a Copy to Zip option?

    I selected a group of files and attempted a "Copy to Folder" operation, browsed to a folder, then added a to the path. BC3 said that the folder did not exist and asked if I wanted to create it. I answered yes. I was hoping BC3 would create a zip archive. Instead, it created a folder named "".

    The Browse for Folder button has a "Create New" button, but again, this can only be used to create a folder, not a zip file. Whether it is a separate dialog to copy to a zip file, or whether the functionality is incorporated into the current "Copy to Folder" dialog doesn't really matter, but it would be nice if this were supported in some way.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761

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    This should be an implemented feature since the helpfile says:

    When you select Copy to Folder, you can make the target an archive file (such as a zip file). If the archive file does not exist, BC will create it for you.

    And this worked in the past!

    It seems that this function is broken in the current version 3.0.10.
    Scooter, please fix it asap ...



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      Michael and Christoph,

      Thanks for the reminder. BC2 did support specifying a path ending in .zip to create a zip file, but it isn't supported in BC 3.0.10. We plan to add this to a future release.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        I was 99,5 % sure that this function was available on one of the BC3 beta versions

        But when the code is missing at all yet, it must have been a halluzination.
        If it is not possible to introduce it in the next build, I'd suggest to temporarily correct the helpfile ...