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  • Global Filter Settings

    Is there a way to create a global filter for folders and/or files that applies to all existing sessions.

    The only way I see to update filters is to do it on a session-by-session basis.

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    I did some experimenting in an opened Folder Compare:

    - When you enter a new filter expression in the entry-field in the toolbar it will appear in all sessions.
    - Adding a new filter preset in the dialog "Options -> Folder View" won't let it appear in the filter drop-down list in the toolbar. (Bug?)

    Hope this helps ...



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      Yes, this is currently a bug and should be fixed in the next release. If you go to the Options dialog -> Folder View and Ok it, they should then appear.

      This is where you can define filters that are selectable from the dropdown menu. If you need help with the syntax, you can open a Folder Comapre, set your filters via the right-click menu or pop-up dialog, and then copy/paste the text that appears in the Filter Dropdown into the Options menu -> Folder View dialog (with proper a proper Title as the other examples in there have).
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        No, there's no way to set file/folder filters globally to affect existing sessions. However, you can set them for all new sessions. On the Home view in the session tree, select Edit session defaults | Folder Compare, and enter the desired Name Filters.
        Tim T Scooter Software