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"Ignore folder structure" and subdirectory with spaces

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  • "Ignore folder structure" and subdirectory with spaces

    If I compare two folders with the "ignore folder structure" setting, and one of the folders has a subfolder with spaces in the name, the path is shown as "...\" not ".\Subfolder With Spaces\".

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    BC3 shows the deepest folders out in the path column. If the entire path cannot be shown in the Path column, then the left hand side of the path is truncated and preceeded with ...\

    In your situation, I expect that the deepest folder (the one actually containing the file) is too long to be displayed in the Path column. Since folders are displayed from right to left, and the right-most folder name is too long to display, the entire path is truncated and replaced with ...\

    Make the Path column wider and the acutal folder name should appear.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      Ah, my mistake. Thanks for the reply!