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Ignoring timestamp difference

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  • Ignoring timestamp difference

    The BC comparison settings allow us to ignore timestamp differences, by default 2 seconds. However, the setting is limited to 32767 seconds, i.e. approx 9 hours.

    When one of the comparison directories is being accessed via FTP, it is possible to have timestamps which appear to be midnight on the day in question, i.e. the dates is correctly retrieved but the time of day is 00:00:00. In this situation, we need to be able to ignore time differences of up to 86400 seconds.

    Is it possible to change this limit in a subsequent update, or is there another approach that is better?


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    BC already handles this case automatically. If the FTP server returns a time without the time of day or without the seconds the timestamp will be displayed without those parts (either "01/01/2008" or "01/01/2008 12:34" instead of "01/01/2008 12:34:56", and any timestamp comparisons will treat them as equal to timestamps with the full granularity. You should never see "00:00:00" as an FTP timestamp in the current v3 release. If it's mapped to a network drive or something, that's treated as the correct timestamp, so none of the above applies.

    If you're seeing something different post a screenshot or include more information.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      The FTP site is indeed mapped to a network drive - we use WebDrive to provide mapped access to some main resources, partly because it is very reliable. In this situation, the timestamps are displayed as 00:00:00, see diagram, so ideally we do need the capability to ignore differences of up to one day.


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        BC3 has built-in FTP software to connect to your server without needing WebDrive. If we directly connect to it, we should be able to parse the timestamp correctly. If that is causing troubles, or you are having FTP issues when directly connecting, we'd like to know about that.

        You would not want to set timestamps to be ignored up to 24 hours, because that would mean any file changes done on that day would also be ignored.

        You should be able to setup BC to connect directly to the FTP without undoing your WebDrive setup assuming WebDrive does not use up all of the available user slots on the server. Just connect as if it were any other FTP client (like Filezilla).

        Let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Yes, of course, we have been using the in-built FTP approach for some time and can live with it. Thanks.