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Folder compare with a media player

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  • Aaron

    Beyond Compare 3 does not currently support the shell menus inside of a folder without a drive letter (excluding Network folders).

    You'll want to navigate to your media device as a drive in order to use the Beyond Compare Windows Context menus. Alternatively, you can open Beyond Compare and attempt to navigate to your folder from the Folder Compare. This may also have trouble without a proper drive letter, however.

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  • saubua42

    but according to the Creative manual this "works as designed". My Creative Zen X-Fi has 2 modes to connect by USB:
    1) as a media player device with its internal memory
    2) as a drive with its SD-Card if I go to a certain menu inside the player before connecting

    Both modes work. 2) is no problem at all.

    But if I open the folders in media player mode I have a context menu which only has "browse with PaintShop Pro X", but not "Select left folder for compare", so I think it's a registry(?) setting the windows software has to provide...
    Perhaps it's a bug or missing feature of BC3.

    ◦BC build◦
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  • Michael Bulgrien
    Plug and play automatically assigns a drive letter for my Creative Zen plus. It did, anyway, before I installed XP SP3. Now Windows doesn't recognize the device for what it is anymore. But, based on my research, that seems to be a problem with XP SP3 and many different brands of plug n play media players...not just the Creative Zen.
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  • saubua42
    started a topic Folder compare with a media player

    Folder compare with a media player


    perhaps anybody has an idea...

    I have an MP3/Media player Creative ZEN. The files can be managed by Windows media player or the "Creative Centrale" applications, but those are very complicated and buggy.

    The "drive" is visible in Windows explorer (as "Workspace\MyPlayer\Storage Media\...") and I can use Windows explorer to copy files.

    But, of course, I would like to use BC to compare and move my files, but that drive does not appear as selectable drive and I did not find a way to map a drive letter to that folder.

    The only application I have found, which can open files from there is "Corel Paintshop Pro X", so I think it's just a flag in the "open file" dialog.??