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Little bug in folder tree?

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  • Little bug in folder tree?

    From folder compare, right click on a folder or file and select "Move to" in the context menu. Then click [...] to bring up a folder tree selection window for the move. All the folder icons in the tree selection window have a -sign or a +sign to their left for collapsing/expanding their folder subtree. Usual stuff.

    However, if I keep clicking folders with a +sign then I never get to a folder without a +sign. If I click the last folder in a subtree with a +sign then the +sign disappears without changing anything else. Why does the last folder have a +sign? I would expect to immediately see no sign at the end of branch without having to enter the extra click.

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    Hi Mark!

    I can confirm that there is a difference in that folder selection-box of BC3 compared to that one from windows explorer.

    For example invoke the properties dialog of the "My Documents" folder on the desktop. Here you can move it to a new destination. In that dialog folders without child folders are handeled correctly without a + sign:

    And the same folder with BC3:

    First I thought it is a static operating system feature, but the tree handling in BC must be somehow different ... Don't know if it's easy to fix.



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      Its a side effect of the fact that archives (zips, rars, etc) are shown inline. Once we tell the shell that we want to include files it stops checking for nested folders in order to hide the [+] when it isn't necessary.
      Zoë P Scooter Software


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        Thanks for the quick confirmation and explanation. Nevertheless, from this user's point of view, it is an unexpected annoyance when the last child folder has a +sign until it is clicked.
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          I understand that, but there's absolutely nothing we can do about it short of dropping support for showing the zips inline and going back to having a separate panel for them like BC2 does. I think the current interface is much more elegant, even with the + limitation, so I don't see us doing that. Sorry.
          Zoë P Scooter Software