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  • Next step after inline editing breakthrough...

    For people who do lots of folder comparisons and ftp synchronizations by hand. I was just thinking that the next difference/previous difference could have a next file/previous file, then I started thinking that since all the server files are cached and very quick to access already after the comparison has happened with the RETRs, or if the files are local, why not just stream ALL the files into one text display? Possibly under the context of the current folder, or make an option to span recursively. There could be separators that are just like the "### Filtered Lines" bars that go through the text view, but in this case instead of saying that, make it more pronounced and say "Filename.ext".

    I would think at first that when you hit ctrl+s, how's it going to know what file you're talking about? What if you made 2 changes you didn't want but made 3 others to 3 other files that you did want to save? Easy, that little dialog that pops up when you close the window, asking if you wish to save left or save right? Just make two checked listboxes for right and left with default checks and a save button, uncheck the files you didn't want to change, leave the ones you did checked or if you want to get really crazy, display a merge summary using the line filtration of what you actually changed, allowing you to uncheck while viewing exactly what text you changed. Hit ok and the merge goes crazy again, or hit cancel and alter your changes.

    This I believe would be the next big revolutionary breakthrough of directory merging, since you've been on track of pushing envelopes and making people's head spin with the seemingly impossible features that are already implemented.

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    Hi Xedecimal,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Beyond Compare 3 already has "Search > Next Difference File" and "Search > Previous Difference File". The keyboard shortcuts are Ctrl+M and Shift+Ctrl+M. When you launch the Text Compare from a Folder Compare, it will cycle through different files.

    By default "Next Difference Files" only cycles through the current folder. To make it cycle through all folders, select "Tools > Options" and go to the "File Views > Next Difference" section. Uncheck "Limit Next Difference Files to current folder".
    Chris K Scooter Software