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Drag and Drop on folder compare II

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  • Drag and Drop on folder compare II

    When BC3 opens with the last session being a folder compare, it is possible to either define new folders to be compared by clicking on the "..." button next to the path-text box, or by dragging a folder from Explorer into the path-text box. However, the behavior is quite different depending on which method is used: If you use the "..." button the main dialog stays open until you press "Open as New", - while if you drag-and-drop the compare window opens immediately, with one of the compare panes undefined. This is kind of annoying - I would prefer that the main dialog stays open also when dragging and dropping, since often I am about to compare two entirely new folders.

    This may semanticly be a wrong approach since the main dialog displays the two folders as a saved session and if I am about to compare two new folders I should not - strictly speaking - use a saved session as a starting point. However, in real life, this is what I do. And here it annoys me that the compare session opens immediatly after I drop a folder into one of the two path text boxes, rather than waiting for me to drop something in the other text box and then press the Open as New button. In BC2 you could drag and drop into both text boxes.

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    You can drag-drop files or folders anywhere on the Home view to start a new compare session. If you drop files on the New Session buttons, such as Hex Compare, it opens a session of that type.

    I like your suggestion of dropping directly into the path edit. I'll try to get that implemented.
    Tim T Scooter Software