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Rearrange rather than delete and recopy?

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  • Rearrange rather than delete and recopy?

    I have a large directory tree with thousands of files (photographs actually) and am rearranging them on one computer, then want to rearrange a duplicate tree on a second computer without having to delete and copy thousands of files.

    The new flatten directory option might be a way of confirming that the same photos exist on both computers, but it doesn't make the trees match as I understand it.

    Is it possible for the program to analyze where a photo moved to and then issue move commands on the second computer to rearrange the photos?


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    Hello John,

    I'm afraid it is not possible to do this option automatically. You could do the process manually by first running a Content Comparison: Binary (to find equal files), then use the only Show Same display filter.
    Then select the files you want to move, and use the Move To Folder command. This let's you move to any arbitrary folder, which could be a new location on the same computer.
    Aaron P Scooter Software