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  • Renaming of files


    as a reactivation of my post from august I'll pick the part on file renaming:

    The buggy part:
    • If I use RegEx to rename a bunch of files (i.e. to put the number from the end to the beginning), I can not use this feature if I have only one file in another folder. Here I have to copy and paste manually.
      Funny point about it is that I get the popup when I try to rename the same item selected on both sides - but I only can type in a 'New mask'.
    • I can't use RegEx to append some text to the names by replacing just the $ or ^. In this case I always have to replace '(.)$' by '$1<appended>' otherwise I would get a 'SubString index out of bounds (-1)'
    • ***already solved*** If I try to delete a part of the name by setting an empty 'New Mask', the Start button will be disabled.

    The next will be a feature request:
    I like that I can 'Copy filename' on a selection. What about a feature to paste these names to a selection.
    Thinking one step further there would be a dialog where I can
    1. Paste or type in a list of names.
    2. Define a creation of names. Having the threads in mind where some wanted to rename identical named files by appending numbers or folder names.