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  • Sync not syncing

    I can't find the option dialog to allow me to define what to do with syncing.
    In BC2, I had set that if the contents on the left were newer than the contents on the right, then copy the file (when doing a sync from left to right).
    I can't find that dialog box in BC3.

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    Hi psenn,

    The Actions > Synchronize commands in the BC3 Folder Compare can't be customized. To customize sync behavior, use a Folder Sync session instead. In the Folder Sync, select Session > Session Settings, then go to the Sync tab to customize the behavior.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      FWIW, if you only need one set of sync options for all your Folder Compares, I believe that BC3 will use the settings that you define on the Home screen, in "Edit Session Defaults > Folder Sync".


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        And now ... ?

        Has BC3 changed since these notes were posted? I'm not finding Session > Session Settings > Sync tab, nor Edit Session Defaults > Folder Sync. Thanks!


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          Hello Ray,

          The Session menu is context sensitive, so you need to be in a Folder Sync session in order to see the Sync tab. If you are in a Folder Compare (or Picture Compare, or MP3 Compare) then the Session Settings dialog will present different options.

          The Edit Session defaults is a folder on the Home screen (green, at the top of the list). Inside are the default sessions. However, changing the defaults for the Folder Sync does not change the defaults used for the Folder Compare; it simply changes the defaults used when a new Folder Sync session is launched.

          Does this help clear things up? Have you had a chance to try the Folder Sync session type?
          Aaron P Scooter Software