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Can't sync if folder replaced with file of same name

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  • Can't sync if folder replaced with file of same name

    Create these folders:


    1. Start bc and enter folder names d:\a1 with d:\a2. Perform "Update Right". Now get d:\a2\b.
    2. Without closing bc, in explorer, delete d:\a1\b and in its place create an empty file named "b" (no extension).
    3. In bc, hit refresh: Error message: Unable to load b: The directory name is invalid. bc seems to use snapshot to assume that d:\a1\b is still a directory.
    4. Hit full refresh. Error message still Unable to load b, but this time folder icon changes to folder open failed X. Full refresh here should have thrown away the previous snapshot and no longer assume b is a directory.
    5. Close bc and reopen it and pick the last session. This time BC correctly sees that b is a file not a directory on the left side.
    6. Perform "Update Right" and Get error message: Unable to copy b: Access is denied. Since file b is newer than directory b, it should replace it.
    7. Pick "Mirror to right". This works ok as b folder on right side is deleted and replaced with a file.

    Another test case would be folder names with extensions like "a.txt".

    Update: This is version Sorry for not including this in the original post.
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    Thank you for reporting the problem.

    Windows Explorer won't let you copy a file into a folder with a subfolder that has the same name as the file. If you copy a file named A on the left to a folder that has a subfolder named A, Windows Explorer (on Windows Vista) will raise an error dialog that states "There is already a folder with the same name as the file name you specified. Specify a different name". You have to rename either the file or the folder before you can move or copy the file.

    I'll talk to our developers to see if we can handle this better in a future version of Beyond Compare.
    Chris K Scooter Software