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  • Compare folder & files without extension

    Hello everyone,

    I'm running BC v3, and trying to execute a folder compare from commandline, and send the output to an html report.

    This is the command I'm executing -

    D:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 3>BCompare.exe BCScript01.txt D:\Folder1 D:\Folder2 D:\report.html

    This is the script I'm using -

    log normal "D:\temp_2\BC2-log.txt";
    load "%1" "%2"
    expand all
    select all
    folder-report layout:side-by-side output-to:%3 output-options:html-color

    Folder1 have .doc files and Folder2 have txt files. But Both folder have same files name. So I would like to compare both folder for files name only. So what should I do ?

    Any help would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks

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    You'll need to use the manual alignment support in the Pro version. The scripting language doesn't currently expose that though, so you'll need to create a session in the GUI, set up the alignments (on the "Misc" tab), and then load it from the script. If you're doing this for multiple directories, you can save the session without any base paths and then load the paths explicitly in the script. Eg:

    load "Doc-to-Txt Alignment"
    load "%1" "%2"
    expand all
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Have tried

      option confirmrompt
      log verbose BCResult.log
      load "LM"
      load "%1" "%2"
      expand all
      select all
      folder-report layout:side-by-side options:display-mismatches output-to:%3 output-options:html-color

      But I am not getting the accurate result in report file. I am able to see the correct result in UI.

      Report file shows mismatches rows.


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        If this works interactively, it should also work in a script.

        Note that replacements are sided, so if your "LM" session is defined to have .doc on the left and .txt on the right, it will only align them that way. If you load your folders with .txt on the left and .doc on the right, the file names will not be aligned.
        Chris K Scooter Software