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How to access inaccessible directories?

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  • How to access inaccessible directories?

    I copied a directory tree from the old server to the new server, using robocopy. Then I used B.C.3 to compare them. But, I saw that I could not access some directories. I took ownership of both directories, changed their security settings. And I saw that robocopy had copied all data, keeping rights, even if as the Administrator I had not access. It seems that robocopy works in backup mode and so is able to workaround these situations. Is it possible to do this with B.C.3, I mean use the backup mode to access directories that otherwise are forbidden? Or can You add this to the wishlist?

    Thank You very much

    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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    It isn't possible to access files and folders your user account is denied access to using backup mode in BC 3.0.15. Support for this is on our wish list for a future version.
    Chris K Scooter Software