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Apparent bugs with filename case handling

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  • Apparent bugs with filename case handling

    I realize that the following sequence of actions is totally irrational, and won't even try to explain why I did them, but I think it does show 2 bugs:

    1. Open a session, FTP <-> local folder
    2. In another program, rename a file in the local folder, only changing its case, otherwise the same name.
    3. (BUG 1 BC3 Refresh, then Full Refresh. Filename does not show correct (renamed) case.
    4. Copy the same file from local to FTP.
    5. Rename it on the left side, changing case.
    6. Now rename it on the right side, changing case (so it's the same left & right).
    7. (BUG 2 Even after Full Refresh, file is not matched up on left and right sides (they are on different rows.)