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  • Touching File Names

    Spawning off a new thread since these posts remained unanswered in the original thread:

    Originally posted by Michael Bulgrien
    Thanks for your effort with filename handling.

    The part that is still missing is the ability to update or touch filenames based on the filename case from the other side of the compare without changing the content. This is something that I would find very useful.

    Perhaps it would be as simple as adding a "Touch filename" context menu item to the folder compare session that automatically copies filenames from the other side and rename the files on the current side.

    Optionally, the menu item could open a dialog to set the touch direction if files on both sides of the compare are selected.
    Originally posted by Michael Bulgrien
    One example of why I would like to touch filenames:

    FILENAME.TXT exists on two systems

    The content of FILENAME.TXT is updated on one system
    The name of an older FILENAME.TXT is changed on another system to FileName.txt

    If I have "Compare filename case" enabled, I cannot copy the content of the newer file(s) on one side of the compare withouth throwing away the camel casing on the older file(s) on the other side. Likewise, I cannot easily change the casing of the newer file(s) without discarding the newer content.

    I realize that there are work-arounds... but the ability to touch filenames would make it much simpler...and it doesn't seem like it should be difficult to implement.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761