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3-way merge from folder view

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  • 3-way merge from folder view

    I often have the situation where 2 systems start with the same (large) tree of software.
    Changes are made in both systems which then have to be reconciled.
    Comparing the 2 systems in BC3 is fine, when changes are made in different areas, they can simply be copied from one to the other.

    Folder Sync should obviously be a good way to go, but care must be taken NOT to default to compare timestamps as 1 side will always be later than the other when shared files are changed - you must use content compare, but content compare always ends up with nothing to sync as the sync is ONLY time-based - see separate thread on this.

    Where shared files have been changed, then can either diff them, or merge them.
    Selecting to merge then lets me open the common ancester file in the middle, but this is long winded.

    What I would like to do is to specify an ancestor folder so that when the merge option is selected, it automatically opens the left, right, and ancestor for the current file.

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    Thanks for the suggestion Glyn. Support for 3-way folder compare to match up with the Text Merge is on our todo list for a future release.
    Chris K Scooter Software