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Sync copies file and changes modified date to current time

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  • Sync copies file and changes modified date to current time

    I'm testing a synchronization from a Linux system to a Windows share. I'm running BC on Linux and when I update a file to the Windows share, it copies the file but updates the modified date to the current date instead of the last modified date of the file being copied. As a result, immediately after the sync, the file is no longer in sync - now the newer file is on the target side.

    I haven't been able to find anything in a search of the threads and am not sure whether this is a configuration problem or a Linux/Windows problem. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    UPDATE: I've played a little more with this. I tried to update the timestamp by selecting the synced files and Touching them. I get an error that days the "Operation is not allowed." It's not a permissions thing - I've verified that. Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?
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    If you use the Linux Explorer to perform the copy, does it set the Modified Timestamp in the same way? Can you modify the timestamps locally with a Windows BC3 install? As a different user, can you still modify the timestamp?
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      If I use Dolphin (KDE 4.2) the file copies and updates the new copy with the timestamp of the original file - just as it should. I modify timestamps on the target from other Windows computers running BC3 all the time.