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  • Concetenated folder compare

    Its a crazy request I know, but this software does just about everything else so why not...
    I have a master folder of files that I copy to my xbox via FTP. Unfortunately they won't all fit on one partition on the xbox so have to be split across two partions F: & G:.
    I was able to use BC3 to folder compare before I split them, now its much trickier.
    An easy option (for me ) would be if BC3 could concatenate more than one folder on one side as a virtual folder, to compare with the folder/virtual folder on the other side.
    I appreciate it would create issues when copying files to the virtual folder (put in real folder A or real folder B) but for now just to be able to compare would be useful even if the actual copying was done manually.
    Just a thought. Cheers.

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    Actually, not such a crazy request... I believe that the Scooter Team has an n-way folder compare in the plan for a future version of BC. Not sure how it will work, exactly, or if it will meet your need...
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761