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Can I do this folder compare?

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  • Can I do this folder compare?

    Short synopsis:

    I want to compare a single folder on one side to multiple sub folders on the other comparing file names and ignoring extensions.

    The overall goal is to tell which files have been converted and added to my itunes library.

    Longer description:

    On the right side is a folder containing about 75 files with an .flv extension.

    I convert these to mp4 and import them into my itunes library, the file name stays the same, but the extension changes.

    So, on the left side I want to use my Itunes library folder and have BC show me the files which have the same file name - but ignore the extension. This compare needs to look at all the sub folders under the itunes folder because of the way the itunes library is organized.

    Itunes library will consist of numerous subfolders, and I would like BC to show me the files I have already converted and placed in the itunes library.

    I have read the help file, but am just starting with BC, I know there is lots more you can do with it and would appreciate a steer in the right direction.



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    Select Ignore Folder Structure from the View menu or toolbar dropdown to align by just filenames. Then, BC3 Pro has a feature called alignment overrides, which you can set as
    Right = *.flv and Left = *.mp4. This will then align filename.mp4 with filename.flv, regardless of folder structure.

    How does that work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software