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Why does comparison change from binary mismatch to rules based match

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  • Why does comparison change from binary mismatch to rules based match

    I'm comparing local files to ftp site, compare filesize, unchecked timestamps, CRC comparison, override quick results. After running the comparison, I'll have files marked as binary different.

    When I double click on them to view the difference, it turns out it's just the file size. (I can't see any content difference such as extra trailing spaces.) When I go back to the Folder Comparison window, the files are now marked as match.

    1) Why does the result change? Shouldn't it still say the file is binary different or else show match initially in the list?

    2) How can I see what is causing the file size difference?

    3) Since the files match (for my purposes), should I just uncheck the filesize comparison? Is the filesize reliable when uploading files to an ftp site?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your line terminators are probably different. Turn on Show Whitespace to see if that is the case (you'll see two different blue/unimportant symbols).

    When you double-click, you are initiating a rules-based compare, which is updating the status of the previous compare. You could also run Rules-based instead of CRC to see the same results for either the scan or double-clicking.

    For an FTP Site, you could use Timestamps for a quick comparison. Run one scan through and verify the files are content equal, then update the timestamps to be identical with the Touch command. From then on, if the files have different timestamps, then something has changed.
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