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500 GB Pictures, Home Video / EXE File Size difference

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  • 500 GB Pictures, Home Video / EXE File Size difference

    Hello all,

    I am backing up our family Vault (500 GB) Pictures, Home Video, Kids Projects, and wares. It goes back to about the year 1996

    I was Dreading comparing all the YEARS of Directories to make sure the copied drive had all the stuff on it.

    Once I know that this program won't miss any Pictures or Video of my kids I will buy it THANKS For creating it
    What a Time and Mistake Saver !!
    (in past years it would take me DAYS of checking)

    I have two questions:

    1) Can I totally rely on this program comparing 500 GB of files in subdirectories that have many other subdirectories nested inside them?

    2) I noticed The new drive seems to copy some EXE's at a slightly smaller file size than the old drive
    (old drive is 500 GB new drive is 1 TB)

    I have 3- 1 TB drives and they all made the copies the same way, with about 10 EXE's being a slightly smaller size on the new drives


    I thought that maybe it was a defrag issue on the old 500 GB drive but I can't defrag it properly since there is only 2% Free space

    Thank You

    Joe C.

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    Our current max structure is discussed in this KB article:

    The EXE's could be different due to fragmentation, or file system. Do you get the same results of you copy with My Computer to your new harddrive, or using BC3 to copy from one directory to another on the old harddrive?
    Aaron P Scooter Software