Use case :

I want to be able to take the output of of VCS status command and produce a session XML that creates a session
  • Limited to files which have actually changed.
  • With renamed files aligned
  • Orphans correctly represented on both sides
  • With the ability to set exclusion lists, enabled formats, all that jazz

It would seem to me that a good first step here would be the ability for bcompare to consume a session XML from the command line.

My VCS tool tracks file renames. You can force alignment of differently named files in a folder session (although this appears to be limited to files in the same folder, but I would be pleasantly surprised to find otherwise).

Now, because of the renames requirement, it may be that a hierarchical folder representation isn't the best way of doing this. I can see a workaround, in that you could represent the alignment to the renamed file with a shortcut, that was visually different to "normal" files.

Or alternately, a flat, "list of paths" session type might work well. I was thinking that popping an instance of the "Compare Contents" summary window from BC2 might work also, but I can't seem to find that in BC3.