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Comparing folders with files that have moved within

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  • Comparing folders with files that have moved within


    Have been using Beyond Compare (BC) for a while now but I have stumbled across something I hope there is a good answer for.

    I use BC to maintain two sets of project files - one on my laptop, one on a server. BC does a stirling job of comparing the two. But, if I move one file from one sub folder, to another, BC after comparing and sync'ing, will create two copies. I've tried to illustrate this in the attached screenshot. Does beyond compare not recognise from the filename and datestamp that they are the same, or is that a 'decision' that BC has not been allowed to make?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Directory Structure is considered important to the comparison.

    In BC3 we have an option under the View menu that will Ignore Directory Structure and align only on file name. If there are duplicate file names, however, you will want to verify that the files are aligned as you expect.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the response.

      I have tried the trial version and i can see it is possible to do a comparison that shows that files are the same although they live in different folders. What I am after though is to be able to then synchronise that, maybe not without prompting in each case where they are different. Is this feature in the BC roadmap?




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        Hello Jim,

        Are you trying to synchronize the Files? Or move files found equal to a specific folder location after determining they are equal?

        BC3 does not support automatically restructuring a Folder tree to then match another folder tree based on equal files found. This would have to be done manually using the Move To Folder command (select files, then manually Move To Folder the new location).

        If this is not the issue you are running into, you can send snapshots of your folders to [email protected] (Tools -> Save Snapshot). Also please include your BC Support package (Help menu -> Support; Export), and a link back to this forum post.
        Aaron P Scooter Software