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  • Excluding Compare Contents result

    Is there any way of excluding compare contents results from the comparison? I can exclude Size, Date/time etc. but I can't find how to exclude existing contents results - I currently have to erase them all by Fast Refresh.


    PS Build 453
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    It could be you want to change the comparison criteria, rather than disregard found information (which is what a refresh does, if you do want to reset comparison info).

    You could turn off the option to override Quick Test Results under the Session Settings.

    If not, what steps are you following where you run Content Comparisons, but then want to disregard them?
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      I am guessing that Chris wants to disregard the results of a rules-based content compare and revert to recognizing files that are phyically different (for example: two files with the same textual content, but saved with different encodings, will be set to "=" when you return to the folder compare session after viewing the files in a file compare session...even though the files are physically different)

      Correct me if I am wrong... but I don't think BC3 keeps track of two flags for each file pair (one for rules-based equality, and one for binary equality). I am guessing that there is a single equality flag that is set based on a users session settings. I am guessing that Chris would prefer that BC3 keep track of both types of equality so that one or the other can be used in file filtering without re-comparing the entire folder structure.
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        It's a single result state, as indicated by the icon in the center column. A background rules-based comparison also detects binary equality, which trumps rules-based equality.

        The binary equivalence icon (equals sign with bits to the left of it) implies both rules-based and binary equality.

        The icon with just the equals sign implies rule-based but *not* binary equality.
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