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Problem with file timestamps using \\tsclient\

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  • Problem with file timestamps using \\tsclient\


    I have a problem with timestamps after copying files to a destination accessed via \\tsclient\

    Firts of all the scenario, 3 Computers and BC 3.1.4 are involved:

    A) my office client using Windows 2000
    B) Terminalserver running Windows 2003
    C) Linux server running SLES9

    On A) I start mstsc.exe to login to a remote session on B).
    On B) I start BC3 in order to access C) via SFTP
    Now I try to copy/sync files from C) to A) using the following URLs:

    left side:
    sftp://[email protected]//var/log

    right side:

    Copying/Syncing the files works with no errors but the timestamps on the right side are not preserved! They get the current timestamp when the copy was performed.
    I think they should keep the original date+time from the left side.

    Now comes the funny thing:
    When I first copy the files to a local directory on B), then the timestamps are preserved. Now I copy/sync from local directory of B) to A) and now the timestamps are ok!

    Even when I copy the files from B) to A) via Windows-Explorer in the mstsc-session the timestamps are ok either.

    Can anyone reproduce that?
    I need the correct timestamps in order to avoid unnecessary copying while doing a sync ...


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    No one who can reproduce/confirm this?