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  • One-click 'scan in background'

    This is either a feature request or a 'point out the feature I have stupidly missed' request. I have a number of saved sessions with a large number of nested folders which I usually open to look quickly at a specific place, so I have them set not to scan subfolders in the background (which takes a minute or more). But occasionally, I want to do a scan in the background. It would save a lot of trouble if there was an icon or hotkey which would do this. Currently, because I cannot find any other way to do it, I go to session settings, click 'handling', check the box for 'automatically scan', click OK, and then when I exit the session I have to remember to click on 'no' at the 'save changed settings' prompt. There has to be a better way to perform this common task, but I cannot find it!

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    When you select one or more folders in the folder-view you can use the right-click context menu to invoke "Compare content..." which starts a comparison.

    Maybe that helps?

    You can even configure to skip the confirnation dialog. And the icon for that command seems to be placed in the toolbar by default. Use "Extras -> Config Commands..." to assign a keyboard shortcut for it.



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      Thanks, but that is not what I am looking for. I can do exactly that when I want to examine a few folders in detail, but selecting all the folders and initiating the comparison is still more complex than is necessary.

      What I need is a single action (click or key) which simply starts the existing full background scan operation without messing about with selections or settings. I really don't want all the file and folders to become selected, nor to have to configure non-standard dialog defaults. I am beginning to think this will be a feature request, and it cannot be too hard to do.


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        You can simply hit Expand All. This will then attempt to visit all the folders and start any comparisons set for the Session Settings. You can then Collapse All to re-collapse the folders as the scan runs. Both buttons can be placed on the toolbar or have keyboard shortcuts assigned to them.
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          That's an excellent solution for now, just two quick clicks on adjoining icons on the tool bar; but I would still like to record a request for a single icon which would do it in one!