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  • Ignore Folder Structure

    I'm having trouble getting "Ignore folder structure" to work the way I think it should

    I have the following "Name Filters":
    "Include files":

    directories "a" and "b" have many filenames that should match up..
    however, the only file(s) that show up in the compare are "./some_file.ext"

    is that how it should work?

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    You can't expand folders that are not visible. Change your view option to "Compare Only Files" then set your filter and expand your folders before changing the view option back to "Ignore Folder Structure".
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      no luck...
      a) "only compare files"
      The folders show up... collapsed
      b) "Expand All"
      everything's shown / nothing in the sub folders aligned..
      c) "Ignore folder structure"
      folders (and contents) are hidden.. leaving only ./some_file.ext


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        Hmm, interesting.

        Apparently once you "Ignore folder structure" your ./some_file.ext filter overrides the path-based file filters and hides everything in the list because BC3 is treating everything as if it were all in your root (.\) folder.

        However, since you have explicitly qualified your file filters with a path, and since there is a path column in the ignore folder structure view, I agree that your path-based file filters should work. I would consider this a bug...
        BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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          In the current BC 3.1.6 once you turn on "Ignore Folder Structure" filename filters will only filter on files, filtering on folder paths won't work. My guess is BC3 flattens the folder structure first, then applies the filename filters so everything is treated as if it is in the root folder.

          I'll add this to our task list for a future release of BC3.
          Chris K Scooter Software


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            Thanks Chris
            I was unable to come up with a "*" file filter + folder filter combo.