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alignment overrides for mp3 files ?

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  • Aaron

    The different text has to be specifically defined. So we can easily align *.png to *.jpg where the file names are the same, we cannot easily align your example.

    * - name_of_track_*.mp3
    * - different_name_for_track_*.mp3

    Would match the above example, but not general cases where name of track and different name for track did not match. Regular expressions can also be used

    (\d+) - name_of_track(\d+)\.mp3
    $1 - different_name_for_track_$2\.mp3
    Regular Expression enabled.
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  • boarders paradise
    started a topic alignment overrides for mp3 files ?

    alignment overrides for mp3 files ?

    Hi. I read the help file plus a lot of threads here, but I am still unsure how exactly "alignment overrides" works ...

    I would like to compare folders with mp3 files. Let's assume the following scenario:

    Folder 1:

    01 - name_of_track_1.mp3
    02 - name_of_track_2.mp3
    03 - name_of_track_3.mp3

    Folder 2:

    01 - different_name_for_track_1.mp3
    02 - different_name_for_track_2.mp3
    03 - different_name_for_track_3.mp3

    As you can see, what the files have in common are the first 5 characters and the extension.

    I don't know exactly which "alignment overrides" command I would have to use to make Folders 1+2 match.
    Thanks for your help.