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Contradictory Sync Messages (?)

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  • Contradictory Sync Messages (?)

    The attached is the screen I had after a 'finished' synchronization. Where the arrow is pointing in the bottom left corner it indicates that the folders are synchronized. In the top right area, it shows that there are [another 33,0000] files being copied to the second directory and counting-down a file about every second. To be precise, it took 14 seconds to subtract 10 files.

    This session was started some 12 hours ago and a quick calculation indicates that it will take another 6 1/2 hours to finish copying those files.

    I couldn't tell if I should stop the copying, so I started another (duplicate) session in a second tab. That Sync basically indicated that the folders/directories were identical. On the other hand, a check on the properties of each directory in WinExplore showed a difference of about 600 files (which may be accounted for in the "System Volume Information" directory [?]).

    The question: Do I not understand what's going on, or was this just a glitch? Consider also, that I have less than 2 day's experience with BC. Thanks.

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    There should be a progress bar that is right above the log pane when the copy is taking place.

    If you perform a sync on a smaller pair of subfolders, do you see the same behavior? What types of folders are you syncing from and to?
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