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  • sync collision handling


    as far as I understand BC3 is able to sync 2 directories by comparing the actual files and copy or delete them based on identity or modification date.
    If a file has been modified on both sides I may choose to ignore it or to overwrite the older one.
    So it cannot currently handle situations where files are modified on both sides and I want to merge them or keep both or decide what to do in each case, right?
    This would be interesting when syncing multiple local document folders (on users computers) with shared folders on a server just like the Windows offline folders.

    Are there any plans to implement such a sync mechanism?
    What about a simple way to highlight modified files without actually overwriting them automatically? The files would be left over after sync and the user could decide what to do with the modified files.


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    We are working on helping with this specific case. The issue is that each Refresh of BC compares your two folders but cannot determine that both files have been edited, only that they are different and that one is newer.

    Thanks for the suggestion. It is on our to do list.
    Aaron P Scooter Software