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Session Settings -> Other Filters (behavior?)

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  • Session Settings -> Other Filters (behavior?)

    I have "Exclude files that are older than 7 days ago" set...

    left side file is 3 days old... right side file is several months old...

    (I think the file should be excluded from comparison...)

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    The file should appear as teal on the side that is older, but for the side that is not older then it should not be hidden. Teal shows the suppressed file, and denotes that the shown file still aligns to a file on the other side.

    You can toggle on Suppress Filters to show all other suppressed files.

    If you run into a case like this, you can always exclude that specific file from the comparison.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Is there a difference between "suppressing" and "excluding"

      With just one side "suppressed", the file is still included in the comparison/sync and is subject to overwritten/overwriting.

      Could there be an option to exclude "suppressed" files or an option to exclude/suppress both sides if just one side is suppressed?


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        Hello bkdotcom,

        If a file is suppressed (shown in teal), then it is still affected by file operations. In the current version of BC, if either file of a file pair is set to be visible, then both files will be shown and affected.

        We'll discuss this as an option, thanks for the suggestion.
        Chris K Scooter Software