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BC3 -- very slow folder sync across net

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  • BC3 -- very slow folder sync across net

    Yike -- BC3 is slow! I noticed it on a big sync (30k files / 5gb) across the net. It was telling me 600+ minutes to go, and at the pace it was going, that seemed accurate.

    I went to the other end and did it with FileSync, and it took maybe 60 minutes! So, it is possible to be fast.

    I'm moving to BC3 from FileSync on a new 64-bit Vista system, on which FileSync does not run. I hope there are aggressive plans to get that BC3 performance up, ideally to FileSync's level. Else I'll be looking for new software.


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    Are you sure BC3 and Filesync detected the same files to perform the sync? If BC3 was detecting more changed files based on its currently configured Comparison Criteria, then the sync/copy itself may have been larger.

    BC3 will, by default, use timestamp and size to determine differences, and then perform a standard Windows copy to copy those files to their destination.

    Are transfers with My Computer/Windows Explorer slower than you expect?
    Aaron P Scooter Software