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wishlist/bug: one side operations

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  • wishlist/bug: one side operations

    I send You three files that roughly show an issue that I found.
    The first two show this. Imagine that on one side I have a local folder and on the other side I have a remote ftp site. I click only on the local side and then I select delete. B.C.3 scans both sides, and the remote ftp site can be very slow. Also, I do not want and I am not allowed to delete files from it. After scanning, it seems that I can delete data from both sides, but on the one that I did not select it shows all zero values. So, I would like to know if it is possible to change the behaviour in this way. If I select only one side and then select delete, in my opinion B.C.3 should scan only on that side, to speed up the job, and then it should prevent me from deleting files from the side that I had not selected (it should be greyed out).
    The third picture, OneSide, shows another behaviour that is strange for me, but it is possible that I ask for too much. I have two folders. I select two files on the left side. I right click and I choose quick compare. I would like to be able to compare the two files against each other. Instead, B.C.3 compares each file with the corresponding one on the other side. Again, in this case I would like B.C.3 to operate only on the side that I have selected.

    Thank You very much

    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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    Thanks for the suggestion. The selection controls which checkboxes are selected, so even if you have only one side selected, you are given the option to then also delete the other side. Since we want to display a preview of what would be deleted if you selected that side, we scan both sides.

    For the 3rd screenshot: Quick Compare should compare the 2 files selected. Compare Contents will comapre across. Are you sure you were using Quick Compare instead of Compare Contents?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      You are quite right, I used Compare Contents. I got accustomed to this since sometimes I compare files that are too big for the hex.

      Thank You again

      Rodolfo Giovanninetti