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Update & Mirror Left/Right doesn't seem to work properly

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  • Update & Mirror Left/Right doesn't seem to work properly

    I'm totally baffled with this one!

    I'm now running build 455 and have seen this errant behaviour with the last three builds. If I compare a folder with subfolders and try to Update Left/Right or Mirror To Left/Right then the files in the sub-folders get copied but the files in the base folder do not, just any file that may be selected. I'm trying to get BC3 to behave in the same way as BC2 and have read numerous posts and the help file but can't think where I'm going wrong. I can't have found a bug as someone else would have reported it long ago.

    Is there some setting that I need to change or am I totally missing the point of some of BC3's new functionality? Can someone please enlighten me before I throw my laptop out of the window!

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    The Update and Mirror commands in the folder comparison session now only affect selected items, just like the rest of the file operations. To synchronize entire directories you should use the new "Folder Sync" session/interface. If you already have a session set up that you're using you can use the Session->Sync Base Folders In New View menu item to open the sync view with the same comparison.
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      Ok, Craig. Thanks for your reply.

      I had a feeling that may be the case as I could see functionality duplicated with "Folder Sync". I guess moving to BC3 will be a little more difficult than I first imagined.

      Edit: And suddenly it all becomes clear....
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