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Folder Compare shows differences - binaries are the same - why the diff?

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  • Folder Compare shows differences - binaries are the same - why the diff?

    I've got some Python code that creates a .ZIP file of a sub-set of my audit files. To test my code, I use BC3 to compare the folder to the .ZIP - all the files I expect to be present are there.

    What is unexpected is that every so often in the list of files (983 in this case), BC3 indicates the file in the original source folder is newer than the file in the .ZIP file. I do a binary compare and they turn out to be identical. I suspect based on my investigation that there's a defect in the Python ZIPfile module, for when BC flags a difference between the folder and the .ZIP file's content, the "Modified" time stamp is indeed different (usually by 1 hour).

    So why post to this forum?
    It would be nice if BC had a means (e.g., context menu would have an "Explain..." or "Tell my why" type entry) to indicate why one file is marked as being "different"/newer, especially when a binary compare yields the files as being "identical".

    Using BC3 3.1.7 (build 10865) on Windows XP + Sp3.
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    Hello aquinas,

    Thanks for the suggestion. This is an issue that users run into every once in awhile. We have a KB article detailing it here:

    Adding some information to our interface to help make it more clear for each specific case is on our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software