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Case sensitivity in file names with ExpanDrive

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  • Case sensitivity in file names with ExpanDrive

    Great product...saves so much work every day!

    Sometimes use ExpanDrive with BC and it works great......except for case sensitive file there a way to configure this to work OR is it a limitation of the way it integrates with window.

    Case sensitivity in file names works as expected when connecting via SFTP in BC.

    This may just be a case of don't need expandrive anymore with BC3 and just following old habits....


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    It isn't possible to make BC3 treat file names accessed through ExpanDrive as case sensitive. BC3 always treats drives accessed by a Windows drive letter or UNC path as case insensitive.

    You'll have to use BC3 Pro's built in SFTP support to treat filenames as case sensitive.

    When accessing an FTP, FTPS, or SFTP server use the "Filenames are case sensitive" check box in the General tab of "Tools > FTP Profiles" to control the behavior (it is checked by default).
    Chris K Scooter Software