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Windows 7 suggestion - breadcrumbs

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  • Windows 7 suggestion - breadcrumbs

    Windows 7 and Vista show breadcrumbs in the Windows Explorer address bar, like this:

    > Computer > Local Disk (C) > Windows > System 32 > oobe > en-US


    In Windows 7 (I can't speak for Vista, never used it) with a fresh build, you can right-click on any of the breadcrumbs and you get a context-menu, with the following entries:

    Copy address
    Copy address as text
    Edit address
    Delete history

    Would it be possible to add the Beyond Compare context-menu entries to those context menus, so that Windows 7 users could quickly set left side folder, or initiate a "compare to" via the breadcrumbs context-menu?

    It would be great to see support for this. I find myself "intuitively" trying to right-click those breadcrumbs, naively hoping that Beyond Compare will magically know what I want it to do :-)

    I dread to think it could mean the developers would have to split Beyond Compare into 2 flavours, one for XP and earlier, and one for Vista and later. Hopefully there is a way to implement this without the need for maintaining 2 separate editions.

    I hope this suggestion is constructive.

    Paul Bourke
    Sydney, Australia

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    Thanks for the information and request. I've added it to our Customer Wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software