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Request : Rename files/folders aligned on size/binary/crc etc.

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  • Request : Rename files/folders aligned on size/binary/crc etc.

    My emphasis is renaming files/folders on one side of a comparison to those on the other side to make subsequent copies/syncs a lot quicker.
    (Not the same as a duplicate finder.)

    Originally posted by Chris View Post
    ...Matching files on other than filename, including match on size, is on our wish list for a future version of Beyond Compare.
    That was in 2006. Any ETA on this? Or has it been scrapped?

    Originally posted by knnknn View Post
    Please add also "Rename if size and time matches".
    Thus a renamed file will not have to be copied again.
    I'm after similar functionality.
    Sometimes, between backups, files and folders are renamed. So next time I compare disk drives I may have something like:
    C:\The Beatles |
    _____________| H:\Beatles

    I have already requested a "Rename To..." function in another post.
    It would be great if there was a command such as "Align orphans on size" that would align regardless of name (assuming the folder sizes were the same)
    C:\The Beatles | H:\Beatles

    Now at this point I would like to be able to select folders on one side and say "Rename as other side".

    A similar command would work on files that are binary equivalents, allowing files to be renamed quickly.
    Options for alignment on size/binary/date/crc etc. would be nice.


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    We still use the filename as the primary means of aligning files. We have added a couple of options to help align files with different names:

    In the View menu -> Ignore Folder Structure allows you to align all files by name, regardless of the subfolder they are in.

    Alignment Overrides (BC3 Pro) allows you to define logical rules for determining if files should align. So you could define:
    * <> The *
    And it would align your example. You can also use more complicated Regular Expressions. You have to define the difference literally (The), but the same text can be matched with mask characters (Beatles).

    Do either of these tools help with your current workflow?

    We do still have aligning on other file characteristics on our Wishlist. And I have added your suggestion for a more powerful Rename as well.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Originally posted by Aaron View Post
      ...Do either of these tools help with your current workflow?.
      Unfortunately, no.
      The example I gave was a simple one but the names may have nothing in common so regex is not suitable. Alignment on size/binary comparison/date/crc would be the only way.
      And don't forget the crucial "Rename as other side" once aliged (selected only).
      This cannot currently be done, even with a regex alignment.

      Originally posted by Aaron View Post
      ...And I have added your suggestion for a more powerful Rename as well.
      Do you mean the "Rename To..." command request that has disappeared from the forum?



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        Hello jor,

        I deleted the other post because it looked like it was mostly a duplicate. After re-reading this one I noticed the differences in the request and added Rename To to our Customer Wishlist.

        Your other request, to align on something other than Filename (and then Perform the Rename To), is still on the Wishlist as well.

        Wishlist items are not scheduled development, but a place our developers go for ideas for future enhancements.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Thanks Aaron.
          Hope they make it into the schedule.