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Scripting Folder-Report Ignoring WhiteSpace

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  • Scripting Folder-Report Ignoring WhiteSpace

    Is there an easy way to use the Folder-Report to compare files in two folders while ignoring white spaces? I see an option for ignore-unimportant when using file-report but there are a lot of files and I'd prefer not to have to do them one by one in the script.

    When I try to use ignore-unimportant or ignore-all(not documented but is shown in one of the examples on the reference page) the script bombs out.

    This script might be moved around a lot so using "Session" that needs to be moved to each machine as well is not really an option.

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    Could you post or email the exact script file you are using? If you do not want to post it publically, simply email us at [email protected] and we can continue there.
    If you are hitting an error message, please include the log file and a picture of the error.

    In general, if you want to ignore whitespace, your script will need to use the criteria command before the load command. Set it to rules-based to run the rules-based compare (examining the text) rather than the default timestamp/size. Moving sessions may be required, and can be done as part of a Portable Install, or with the Tools -> Export, Import menu items. Settings are per Windows User Account, unless it is a Portable install.

    I recommend trying to set the default behavior of a graphical folder compare to match your expectations. The GUI will provide more feedback and help you understand how the compare is working. Once that is working, writing the script is much easier.
    Aaron P Scooter Software