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Resizing colums - Frequent annoyance

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  • Resizing colums - Frequent annoyance

    Please provide alternate functionality for resizing columns in a folder compare. The current functionality is a frequent, almost daily, annoyance.

    Current functionality: When dragging on a column resize handle, the space needed for the adjustment is taken from or added to the column immediately to the right of the handle. This causes the user-selected width of the column to the right to be lost.

    Desired functionality: The space needed for the adjustment should be taken from or added to the right-most column in the folder compare (not the adjacent column immediately to the right)

    Likewise, please provide an option to NOT auto-size columns when adjusting the window width. Again, expand or collapse the right-most column first when the user adjusts the window size. It would be best if the user could toggle the column auto-resize feature on or off.

    This simple screencast demonstrates the annoyances:

    1) When expanding a column, columns to the right are collapsed and must also be manually expanded to be seen again. This causes the user to have to make two or more adjustments instead of one.

    2) When collapsing a column, extra whitespace is inserted into the adjacent column to the right making it more difficult to line up and read the relevant information in columns further to the right. Once again, the user has to make two or more adjustments instead of one.

    3) When a user sizes columns the way he or she wants them, then resizes the BC3 window to take up less screen real estate, the columns collapse and become unreadable. Once again, the user must re-adjust every column, resize, re-adjust, resize, etc. until eventually the user gets it like he or she wants it.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761

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    Thanks for the suggestions, Michael. I've added these as a wishlist entry.
    Aaron P Scooter Software