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Somehow .EML files are reset so that they flagged for copying when not needed

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  • Somehow .EML files are reset so that they flagged for copying when not needed

    For some reason, many of the .eml files in a directory tree at home that I copy to a USB drive using BC and then to my computer at work, and back at the end of the day, end up being flagged for copying when they do not need to be copied. It is mostly the .eml files and not others.

    An .eml file is a Thunderbird email message.

    This happens more at work than at home.

    The software support company that my agency has sold out to (Perot Systems--what a pile of crap) refuses to install other than a few pieces of common office software (windows office, acrobat, etc.) except for an outrageous charge (something like $10,000) that my agency would have to pay.

    ((Side note: Such is contracting out your government to private enterprise, my friends. I laugh when I hear the objections to a "public option" for health care. Social security works fine. The total administrative expenses are something like 1% and all the rest is payout. No profit or inefficiency.))

    Thus, I don't have BC installed on my machine at work. I have it installed on the USB drive that I plug in for copying files.

    This works but maybe it partly explains why these .eml files are getting flagged for copying, because they are detected as different in some way from the files that are already there.

    This only happens to the .eml files when I plug the USB drive into my machine at work. At home there is no problem with teh .eml files or any other files.

    Any suggestions or solutions?

    BC is my salvation.


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    When you mention flagged for copying, which comparison criteria are you currently using?

    Beyond Compare 3's Folder Compare would default to a timestamp and size comparison. If either of these are different, then the file would be marked as newer or different. You can change these to a content comparison (Binary or CRC). Since you do not have a *.eml rule, I would not recommend Rules-based (used for files that are viewable in the file viewers). This is controlled in the Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab.

    How do you know the *.eml have not changed and do not need to be copied?
    Aaron P Scooter Software