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Synchronizing Folder Time Stamps

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  • Synchronizing Folder Time Stamps


    I just started using SVN (with AnkhSVN & TortoiseSVN) as version control system for my semi-hobby programming in VS2008.

    Since I am working at the office during the day and at home during the evening at two different computers, I need to do the following:

    1) In the evening
    At work=Copy the SVN-repository as well as the working copy from my work PC onto an USB drive
    At home=Copy this into the proper locations of my home PC

    2) In the morning
    At home=Copy the SVN-repository as well as the working copy from my home PC onto an USB drive
    At work=Copy this into the proper locations of my work PC

    I thought about using folder sync in BC. In order that the two directories in the respective PC and on the USB stick are really identical, I would like to change the time stamps of the folders on the target to that of the source as well. Somehow I cannot find an option in BC to do this.

    Did I miss it somewhere? (I am using BC Standard.)

    If anybody has a better solution for the above setup, any suggestion is very welcome.

    Many thanks,


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    If you open a folder compare, hide all files with a -*.* file filter, and set the view mode to always show folders, then you can touch the folder structure (copy the date/time stamp from the other side) without altering the properties of the files themselves.
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      Michael's suggestion will help you set folder timestamps. BC3, however, is not reliant on folder timestamps to perform a sync. We only look at the individual files, and only use the folders to help align files.

      If your Work Computer, USB Stick, and Home Computer all have the same folder structure inside of the base folders, then this should be a fairly easy sync. Any changed files should have an updated timestamp, which will be detected as newer in any of the directional syncs that you do.

      When you perform the sync in any direction, copying a new file into a folder will trigger windows to update the folder's timestamp. You can manually set it back afterwards, following Michael's suggestion, but it isn't necessary for BC3 to function as you expect.
      Aaron P Scooter Software