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Feature Request: Detect Moved Files

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  • Feature Request: Detect Moved Files

    On comparing different folders... there may be some files which are same (based on size and time stamp), but contained in different sub-folders... BC identifies them as two SEPARATE ORPHANS, instead of MOVED FILES.

    The result...

    Two operations are required in MIRRORING:
    1. Delete file in old location
    2. Copy same file to new location
    Instead of:
    Move the file from old to new location within the same folder
    This will save a lot of time... more so, if the files are large!

    And in case of MERGING, it will create DUPLICATE of the same file!

    I had requested for this feature earlier, in this thread:

    Adding this feature would be greatly appreciated.
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    Thanks for your interest in this feature. It is still something we are considering for a future version.

    In the case of merging, what steps are you following where a duplicate file is created? The default mirror should copy the moved file over, and delete the file from its previous location.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      In case of merging, I verify the differences manually; replicate the file moves manually; and then use the BC commands for the rest.
      But, I don't do merging too often.
      Mirroring does work the way you described, but when the moved files are too huge, it takes up a lot of time. It gets annoying most of the times!