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Synchronize: Update colored list of files

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  • Synchronize: Update colored list of files

    I just upgraded to 3.x a week or so ago and I am starting to miss a feature that was in the 2.5 version. I usually synchronize by hitting the "update left" or "update right" toolbar buttons, which in turn open a "Synchronize: Update Left" (or Right) dialog which shows a tree with a root node detailing how many files & folders I am about to copy. If you drop that root with the file+folder counter then you see a list of files that are about to be copied. The old and new versions are basically the same up to this point, but the old version would also color each file and folder in the list based on the compare results (red = different, blue = missing).

    Would you consider porting this old feature up to version 3.x?

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    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll add it to our wish list for a future release.
    Chris K Scooter Software