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  • Display filter combinations

    There are several times when I find that I need more than the predefined combinations of display filters. The current combinations are:
    Show Differences
    Show No Orphans
    Show Differences but No Orphans
    Show Orphans
    Show Left Newer
    Show Right Newer
    Show Left Newer and Left Orphans
    Show Right Newer and Right Orphans
    Show Left Orphans
    Show Right Orphans

    but often I will need something like
    Show Differences and Right Orphans

    I need a way to add my own combinations to the list, or the ability to make independent selections such as these four:

    Show Differences: all / left newer / right newer / none
    Equal files: show / don't show
    Left Orphans: show / don't show
    Right Orphans: show / don't show

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    Go to Tools \ Customize Commands... and choose Toggles in the Display filter presets dropdown list.

    If you want your equal, not equal, all and none buttons back on the toolbar, you can add them back in using this same Customize Commands dialog.
    BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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      Thanks, Michael.

      A brief description of what Michael is describing: the toggle commands allow you to toggle on specific Display Filters. For example, you can toggle on to show Right Orphans and Right Newer Differences, but toggle off the rest to hide those files.

      Some examples:
      Show All => all toggles enabled
      Show Differences => all toggles except Show Same enabled

      Michael is also suggesting you can re-enable specific buttons and add them to the toolbar. You can achieve any set of filters with the right toggle combination; the buttons are just a quick way to set that.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        Excellent! I'm so excited! I think I can even stop messing with the DOS archive bit to help control which files I want to see. I should have asked earlier.