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  • Suggestion: Align Type With

    Could the r-c menu please have an Align Extension With... command to swifly create an alignment override?

    E.g. to align all left JPGs with right BMPs

    1) r-c a left JPG
    2) click Align Extension With...
    3) click a right BMP


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    Chris, thanks for the suggestion.

    In the current version, you can align file extensions using a regular expression alignment.

    Select Session|Session Settings and go to the Misc tab.
    Click New.
    Check "Regular Expression".
    For the left file, enter "(.*).JPG".
    For the right fine, enter "$1.BMP".

    The parenthesis save a match that can be accessed in the variable $1 in the replacement.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      For the left file, enter "(.*).JPG".
      For the right fine, enter "$1.BMP".
      Thanks. (Though I think (.*)\.JPG is what's meant.)

      I hope the Help gets an addition to cover that.

      And that the regexp interpretation is as if there were ^ at start and $ at end.

      And that left (.*)\..* right $1\..* doesn't work.


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        Use the regular expression support isn't necessary. You can use *.jpg and *.bmp as the two fields. Internally we translate them into regular expressions and line up things (.*) and $nnn based on mutual * and ? wildcards.
        Zoë P Scooter Software