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  • Synchronise with Filter Oddity

    For the first time ever, I created a folder compare with a filter that ignores date. Folders A and B both have a set of HTML files. All files in A have more recent timestamps than their counterparts in B but in reality, only a small number are different and can be recognised because their size is not the same.

    This all works well and I am left with a small set of files ready to be synchronised from left to right. However, when I click the green left to right arrows on the toolbar the preview window tells me there is nothing to do. This happens whether or not I check "just selection". See screen grab below..

    Regards, AB

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    This isn't a bug. BC3 requires timestamp comparisons to be enabled to use the Sync tools. The logic of the sync is for Newer files to be copied over. A sync-update does not copy Different files (same timestamp, different size).

    In this case, you can simply use the Copy command to bring your files over. The difference between the sync and the copy is that a Sync command will help determine which files to copy over. Since you know you want to copy those 4 files, you can just issue the copy manually by selecting the different files.

    Alternatively, you could use the mirror command, which will bring over any differences. Please be careful, however, since the mirror will delete any Orphan files in the destination side.

    My Recommendation, however, would be to re-enable timestamp comparisons and enable a form of content comparison (binary, crc, or rules-based). Size alone is not a great comparison method since files can have the same sizes, but have different text/content inside of them. By enabling timestamp, size, and having a binary content comparison for example, the compare will more accurately compare your files and show you newer, different files.

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      OK Aaron. Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense. I'll have a look at the alternatives you suggest.

      Regards, AB